July 12, 2016


I am the author or a credited contributor to the following software packages. Most of the programs are Free Software.

Natural language processing

  • DKPro Core, a collection of UIMA software components for natural language processing.
  • DKPro Text Classification, a UIMA text classification framework built on top of DKPro Core and DKPro Lab. It is intended to facilitate supervised machine learning experiments with any kind of textual data.
  • DKPro WSD, a UIMA framework for word sense disambiguation.
  • DKPro Similarity, a UIMA framework for computing semantic similarity of texts.
  • jweb1t, a tool for efficiently searching n-gram data in the Web 1T 5-gram corpus format.
  • DKPro Keyphrases, a UIMA framework for keyphrase extraction and index term identification.
  • Wikulu, a proxy to manage unstructured information, i.e. to structure the content in corporate Wikis.


  • Finance Tools, a collection of tools to organize your bank accounts for saving money.
  • Debate Analysis, a pipeline for analyzing text in terms of several dimensions, readability.
    • Based on the Ambiverse API.
    • Source for post about EU Referendum debates of James Cameron and Boris Johnson.
  • Free Your Stuff, an Android application to share items which are not longer needed with neighbors.