Dr. Nicolai Erbs is a computer scientist, startup enthusiast and passionate beach volleyball player.

When I was about 10 years young I stumbled upon the popular physics book "The First Three Minutes" by Steven Weinberg. I hardly understood anything when reading it for the first time, but trying to understand what makes the world go round has driven me since then. Curiosity caused me to study physics and computer science.

In the course of my studies in physics I was fascinated about learning to understand what holds the world together. Deductive reasoning and optimizing processes have since then become useful tools in my everyday life and business. I had the opportunity to apply this experience to several projects. During further studies I gained experience in knowledge management and language technologies. I believe in a great potential in these fields and thus decided to develop my ideas by pursuing a PhD in computer science with a focus on natural language processing and machine learning.

Curiosity and passion are fundamental characteristics of me, both in my daily job and in sports. I started playing volleyball at the age of 14 and participated in nation-wide tournaments. My passion, however, leads me to the beach. Some years ago I started giving beach volleyball courses in Germany, Turkey and Spain for children and adults, to share this passion.

The vision guiding my work is to apply information technology to make life a bit easier for everyone. Developing algorithms for data and text processing will change how people interact with computer. This is not only an academic mission, but leads to innovative ideas. In the project Privalino, I developed algorithms to detect online criminals targeting children in web chats. I successfully participated in startup competitons with this idea. For Social Feedback Analytics, I applied algortihms for computing text similarity to cluster customer complaints, thus allowing to improve the customer service.

For further information, please have a look on my full cv, or visit my former scientific homepage.

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